Monday, June 2, 2008

My Coffee Habits

I like good coffee (obviously, I am the owner of this blog :-) ), so you might think I drink it all day long.
But for me it's a bit like wine - I like and appreciate coffee, but if I drink too much it does not do me good...
Caffeine has a strong influence over me - a little makes me feel good, vital, clear and optimistic.
A lot of it makes me irritable and nervous.
So I drink only 2, sometimes 3, cups a day.
But I make sure it is good coffee that I will enjoy.
During the week it will generally be in the office: in the morning when I arrive and after lunch.
The office has supply of nice Brazilian Coffee, roasted and mixed to create good Turkish Coffee.
At the weekend I drink at home, sometimes my home roasted coffee, and sometimes what I buy at select coffee shops. I will tell about my home roasting in a future post.
I make it using either my Moka, Brikka, or French Press.

When I am at a coffee shop I will try to see if the Barista on shift knows what he is doing. If so, I will take espresso. If not, I will think again, and maybe get a cappuccino.

Thats for me.

What are your coffee habits?


Richard said...

Some people say that coffee is the "new wine" - with all of its emerging nuances, international bean selection, etc. Do you agree?


Noam said...

The internationally available information exchange about coffee, the many web sites dedicated to coffee, and the online coffee shops, allow many people easy access to the flourishing coffee culture.
With so many people contributing their knowledge and experience to the public discussion, the industry must also respond to their growing needs for quality and sophistication.
So all this does promote coffee being treated like wine: with appreciation, delicacy and sophistication.

J&M Lifestyles said...

Do you know where I can purchase Israeli coffee?

J&M Lifestyles said...

by the way you can email me at
thank you

Noam said...

I sent you a reply in the mail... hope its not blocked

Lia Wright said...

Nice post! Your blog is really amazing with all the bits and pieces of information I can share with my friends and followers. I am also a coffee lover. I take 3 or 4 cups in a day. Thanks and more power!
Kopi Luwak