Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making Turkish Coffee - Illustrated Guide

Hi all you coffee lovers!

Finally I have a new camera, so I can make a proper guide with nice, clear pictures.
And this time - How I brew Turkish Coffee.

First, the tools. I have this beautiful Ibrik (Locally we call it Finjan) you don't have to have exactly this. There is also this shape (more common), and any small, narrow pot may do.
It is traditionally made of copper, with tin inside.

Pour water inside for as much coffee as you want.

Now the coffee is Fine Ground Turkish or Greek coffee. The Greek usually make their coffee roasted lighter than the Turkish Coffee. I like both!
If you don't have it in local shops, you can easily find it for sale on the Internet. Grinding it yourself doubles the pleasure :-)

Now we place the Ibrik on the stove. The fire should be medium power, but should not exceed the limits of the Ibrik.

Wrong! This fire exceeds the limits of the Ibrik. It can burn the handle and the nice shape of the pot.

Now we watch the heating water. When small bubbles start to show, but well before boiling, it is time to add the coffee.

Coffee in the pot.
Now we wait for the coffee to rise. The coffee covers the water and creates isolation, preventing heat from leaving the water. This speeds up the boiling, which means we don't have to wait too long.

Coffee starts to rise!

This is not a good photo... Because coffee rise really fast I got a bit nervous...

Turn off the fire immediately.
Now mix lightly with a teaspoon.
This allows the coffee particles to swim freely, and eventually sink.

Now wait about half a minute for the coffee particles to sink.

And pour!

A fine cup of Turkish Coffee!

I hope you enjoy this guide, and would appreciate your feedback. Did you find it useful?

Finally, I owe credit for the spirit of things to the great coffee guys at coffeegeek. They make great guides with awesome photos. You are the best!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much!!! We bought our coffee pot 4 years ago in Jerusalem and have had it sitting around doing nothing - tonight we figured it was time to give it a shot and your blog was the perfect tutor... much appreciated!!