Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Old Glass Stovetop Percolator

Recently my Mother-In-Law moved to Jamaica(!). During the packing process, she found an old Stovetop Percolator, made of glass. She offered it to me, and of course I took it. It turns out that Stove top Percolators used to be popular in the 70s-80s in Israel. This particular one is very nice because it is made of high quality Pyrex glass, which, aside from being beautiful, allows to see the details of the coffee brewing process.
I tested it and videotaped the session with my Cellular Phone's camera (Not very high quality, I know, but still you can see the brewing details).

Here you can see the start of the action, when tiny bubbles start moving around:

Here the action intensifies:

And here the full brewing happens:

Here you can see the main feature (some call it disadvantage!) of the stovetop percolators:
The control of the brew intensity by allowing the water to cycle again through the coffee ground:


As for Jamaica: I will tell you about it another time.

Have an aromatic grind, and a fine day!


Mikay said...

Just found this exact same percolator in a thrift store in Phillips, WI.

I paid 8 dollars US for it.

Just tried it out...works great!

Amber dorsch said...

Thanks for sharing this.

hot coffee