Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Coffee Story

Coffee was always around - but somehow did not touch me until I was 22.
As a child, Coffee was something the grown ups drank, usually early in the morning. It was not for me, and I did not really like it, but the smell of Turkish Coffee always woke me up in the morning - and I guess this childhood imprint of fresh Coffee smell greatly influenced my later attraction to the aromatic drink.
When I was a teenager I started drinking some coffee, but only instant and only as Ice-Coffee. Even in the army I did not really like it, but consumed it to keep me warm and awake during the long cold nights.
It was when I was 22 that my friend, who worked as a barista in one of the newly emerging quality caffe's, bought me a holiday gift of a Bialetti Moka Express and a bag of fresh ground Coffee.
And this is when I found out that coffee can be REALLY tasty.
From then I learned more and drank more, and had a set of Mokas, for every occasion.
The next jump came when I started grinding my own coffee, in the beginning with a spice grinder, and later on with a high quality burr grinder.
When fresh ground coffee no longer a problem, I decided to educate myself with coffee and try different kinds. This required a taster's approach, so I got to know the French Press method for coffee making, which in my opinion enables more accurate appreciation of coffee than Mokas.
After that I started roasting my own coffee - with moderate success - I still have a lot to learn in this field).
When I started my self education process, I started writing my Hebrew blog to share my experiences.

Now I think I should not limit myself to Hebrew, and share my experiences with the world.

Have a great coffee day!

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