Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Israeli Coffee

Hello all new readers of my all new Israeli Coffee Blog!

Ever wondered what the state of the coffee culture in Israel is ?

I am an Israeli Coffee Aficionado and in this blog you will find my thoughts and impressions on coffee in Israel in particular and internationally.

I already have a Hebrew blog about coffee, but it seems not enough anymore.
I realized this as I had guests from Switzerland (Swiss-Italy) and they enjoyed the coffee I drink at home, which is an excellent Israeli blend.
This made me think that the world needs to know that Israel's coffee culture has made a great leap in the last 10 years, and that any serious coffee drinker can have a good cup in Israel.
Also, when a lot of the world's citizens are only aware of Israel in relation to the Middle East Security issues, it is time to know that good things happen here also. Drinking Coffee is common to all Middle Eastern countries. I strongly believe that Coffee brings people together, and therefor promotes healthy communication, understanding and finally, Peace.

So come with me to experience Israeli Coffee!

Good luck!


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