Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coffee is back!

Last weekend I had time to roast my coffee again, and even enjoy it!
Life with the baby slowly takes on a more or less stable course, and I can think and even write a bit about coffee. I hope this continues.
Meanwhile, last roast was:
30% Columbia
30% Ethiopia Sidamo
30% Guatemala
10% PNG
Roasted a bit after first crack, not too dark.
Great in French Press or Moka! (My wife also says it's great with milk).

Update: Like always, a few days make the coffee better. Usually it peaks after 3-4 days. This batch was really good. Actually, I Liked it best in my Paper Filter, which made its body lighter, and made the better tastes come up.



Marcel Raul said...

hi, Do you know a recipe involving brandy? If you know can you send me on my email? My e-mail adress is goldmarcel@gmail.com Thanks

jardel silva said...

hey, I would like to know what are the local israeli coffee companies.

thank you very much

Noam said...

Coffee in Israel thrives. Companies like "Elite", "El Nahleh" are large coffee makers selling in supermarkets, besides a lot of imported coffee.
But now a lot of medium and small roasting houses exists which create fresh roasted, exclusive coffee blends.

best coffee world said...

Never tried Israeli coffee.But I love different ethnic kinds of coffee preparation,like real Italian espresso,traditional Turkish or Greek Coffee,all variations of Egypt coffee,and so on.From my experience best coffee is always in the traditional coffee shops.

How to Make Coffee said...

Israeli coffee is great in taste odor and and goes well with the local brands. Easily available at all supermarts.

Anonymous said...

First of all, i really enjoy reading your Blog. I saw people are confused as to where to buy coffee in israel, well, I recenlty discovered a online coffee shop in hebrew, i dont understand it all but i really liked their shop in tel aviv near the Azrieli - they have all sorts of things its a cute little shop(i think their website was www.coffee-express.co.il) definitely worth taking a look! Mainly i tried a new type of coffee i had never seen before called "Bossa Cafe boutique", its freshly roasted and grounded, its not bad!

Anonymous said...

Noam, my and I are visiting the University of Haifa for 5 months and we're looking for good coffee. Do you have recommendations for coffee cafes?

Ben said...

That sounds like a good combination. What's the most common coffee over in israel?

Jason said...

Dear Noam, I can see you're very enthusiastic about coffee!! I will be in Haifa soon and am looking for someone to recommend a place to buy fresh roasted beans, any thoughts?

Noam said...

Hi Jason, nice to know Coffee lovers coming to Haifa. Since Haifa is a port city, it became a center for coffee roasters. The big ones operate mostly through their websites, like coffeeman.co.il.
If you want the personal experience of a shop, I would recommend Ava on Haatzmaut 51 st.
I think you will also enjoy buying coffee from the small local shops at Wadi Nisnas.
Tell them I referred you.
Good luck, and you are most welcome to come and sit for a cup.

Anonymous said...

карты городов


Peacock Tea and Coffee said...

Gourmet coffee is expensive; it’s not always easy to find quality coffee at affordable prices.

Finn Felton said...

The title of world's best coffee goes to Kopi Luwak

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